Crudesco’s full face NBC Mask with Breathing Filter Canister protects against radioactive dust, biological agents and chemical agents. Our latest canister protects also against radiation. It’s manufactured in Malaysia under very strict regulations and ISO9001.

1) Crudesco Mask Set
Test kits, Training and Canister Test Results
Features and Advantages NBC Mask Set


Crudesco’s Mask Set is a complete package consisting of:

  • Crudesco’s NBC Gas Mask
  • Crudesco’s NBC Gas Canister
  • Special NBC Mask Bag.

These products are designed to protect e.g. police and military in atmospheres containing chemical agents, biological agents and radioactive dust.

Intended end users include also Fire Fighters, Emergency Medical Service Personnel, Hazardous Materials Response Personnel and other Emergency Response Teams.

Our NBC Gas Mask has a 40mm threaded connector accepting USA/Military, EN and NATO type thread canisters, and meets all permeation requirements for US Military masks.

The NBC Gas Canister meets the performance requirements of NATO and US Military specification as a Chemical and Biological Canister (US Army C2A1).



One of the main advantages of Crudesco’s NBC Gas Mask is its value and safety for end users. Military, Police and first responders who are faced with Tear Gas and other less friendly Chemicals that are used at incidents, demonstrations and other eventualities do not want to compromise on quality and safety. Same goes for military or special operations, which can cause unnecessary casualties if bad quality masks are used.

Our Siebe Gorman Gasmask is tested against nasty substances, has a special design and materials assuring a minimum of lens fogging, maximum comfort, hard-coated polycarbonate lens with a wide view and scratch resistance.

Test Kits can be provided to supervisors and trainers, allowing them to check the function of any suspect mask that may have been damaged at an incident or through natural wear and tear. Failure to do this could result in faulty product or malfunction during use at an incident.

Space training facilities are available in Malaysia where we can train supervisors and trainers in the correct use of the mask. Inside the dual story space training facility we have we can disperse heavy fogging substance, which is totally non-toxic and harmless to replicate a typical scenario the end user may encounter.

Upon request, information about the Canister types and service life, communication test results and other specificaton information can be send.



  • Crudesco is prepared to offer an eight year service arrangement to service and provide Spare Canisters and other spare parts. These will be stored in special temperature-controlled rooms. Crudesco will bear the cost of the special storage and stocks.
  • All the high requirements for US, EN and NATO military chemical and biological canisters and masks are met.
  • Special test equipment available showing the effective protection.
  • Sample can be provided and used for technical evaluation and testing.
  • Manufacturing, assembly and other work of the Gasmask are carried out in Malaysia; our Mask includes currently at least 65% Malaysian manufactured components/material, which is increasing towards full local content.
  • Crudesco’s Siebe Gorman NBC Mask Set is a true combination to cover ALL eventualities, with a sophisticated quality Nuclear, Biologica, Chemical and -if required- Radiation Canister. You will invest in a system that can be used against ALL eventualities for up to eight (8) years.
  • Part suppliers are ISO approved facilities and have product liability coverage.
  • Our NBC Mask Carry Bag can be marked with client’s logo.
  • We are at the cutting edge of Mask and Canister technology with access to the latest developments, and are in a position to pass this on to our client over time.
  • Total product traceability for future reference and servicing. Each component is numbered and can be traced any time.
  • Tear Gas protection of the Mask Set exceeds 10 hours (600 minutes); for other gasses please contact us for a full overview.
  • Product and usage manual in English and Malay language.

3.2  MASK

  • 40mm threaded connector accepts USA / Military, EN and NATO type thread canisters.
  • Face-piece seal has been tested for permeation of even nasty substances like Sarin (GB) and Sulfur Mustard (HD) per test method EA-DLT-1879, and meets the requirements for US Military masks.
  • Light weight design offers a level of comfort that will reduce worker fatigue and ensure user acceptance. Oral Nasal cup reduces lens fogging and improves user comfort by limiting re-breathing of exhaled air.
  • Hard-coated polycarbonate (highly demanded material) lens provides excellent optics, over 200 degrees field of vision, is scratch resistant and fireproof, and meets ANSI standards for impact and penetration resistance. This protects the user’s face and eyes from foreign objects or other unforeseen matters.
  • Carry Bag will be included to keep mask within easy reach for usage and storage.
  • Available in sizes Medium/Large and Small.
  • Mask can be used for ten years.


  • The Canister meets the performance requirements of NATO and US Military specifications as a Chemical, Biological Canister (US Army C2A1).canister102
  • 40mm thread allows it to be used with all US and NATO Military gas masks.
  • Canister has an eight-year shelf life.
  • The expiration date is printed on the bottom.
  • Special color coding on canister indicates service life left when Canister is used
  • Two smaller canisters at the side of the mask and drinking straw options available.


We are one of the first companies in the world who had certified CBRN canisters available (March 2005). Please contact us for details.

3.4  PHYSICAL PARAMETERS Mask and the NBC Canister

  • Size : Medium/Large
  • Weight : 2.3 lbs (Mask + Canister) / 1.8 lbs (without Canister)
  • Pack Size  : 11.3" x 8.3" x 6.5" pack size each.

  • Size : Small
  • Weight : 2.3 lbs (Mask + Canister) / 1.8 lbs (without Canister)
  • Pack Size  : 11.3" x 8.3" x 6.5" pack size each.


Canister refers to both NBC or CBRN canisters.

What is the service life of the Canisters?

The service life of gas and vapor Canisters depends on the type of hazard encountered, the concentration of that hazard and environmental factors such as heat and humidity. Our Canisters were tested to challenge very heavy concentrations. Example: service time is guaranteed in excess of 60 minutes for Mustard and Sarin, and more than 600 minutes for tear gas. Please request us for further details.

Should the Canister be replaced after training or a false alarm?

It is not recommended to re-use/opening Canister for following reasons:

  • The Canister will not loose any significant service life when the mask is used for training or if used during a false alarm as long as the seal is not broke.
  • The Canister is 100% leak tested at the factory.
  • The Canister was designed for single use emergency evacuations. If used in an emergency evacuation, the user could be at risk if the Canister was opened before. A special color coding on the Canister will start indicating the service life left once the seal is broken and Canister used.

Could contaminants get into the Canister limiting their service life?

Unless air is being pulled through the Canister (as in breathing), it will not pick up contaminants or moisture. Our Canisters were tested in the atmosphere for years with little measurable decline in service life.

Can our Gas Mask be used for escape from radiation?

Our Canister will protect you against radioactive particulates. No hood on the market will provide protection from radiation (i.e. Gamma and Beta Rays).

Will Crudesco’s NBC Gas Mask protect me if there is a fire?

Proper NBC Masks are not designed to protect the user for escape from fire. Smoke particles can rapidly clog gas mask filters, and filters with special chemicals are needed to protect against carbon monoxide and other gases that may occur in a fire. Most air-purifying escape respirators do not protect against these hazards.

Our Breathing Apparatus range includes products protecting from gasses occurring in a fire. Please contact us for more details.

Other questions:

Q. What type of training do I need?
A. Our NBC Gas Mask is easy and intuitive to train. A user-friendly, two language instruction sheet is included. If necessary, additional training or training material can be arranged.

Q. Has Crudesco’s NBC Gas Mask been tested against claims for protection such as biological agents, chemical warfare agents, toxic industrial chemicals and radioactive dust particles?
A. Yes, test results are shown in attachment A.

Q. Are there any special maintenance or storage conditions?
A. No service or maintenance is required. Store our NBC Gas Mask Set in a clean and dry area.

Q. Will I be able to talk while wearing the respirator?
A. Yes, the user can speak normally through the Mask. Attachment B shows the communication test results of our Mask.

Q. Does the hood restrict vision?
A. No, the clear polycarbonate lens offers a wide range of visibility. The lens is also scratch-free and fireproof.

Q. Can I carry the device in the trunk of my automobile?
A. Yes but do not store the respirator below –20 degrees F or above 160 degrees F, or where relative humidity is above 90%.

Q. Is a training respirator available?
A. No. Crudesco’s Mask can be used for training. No special training devices are needed. Special test kits are available to check if the Mask is put on properly (sealing test).

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