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Crudesco’s  specialized area for waste disposal is composting and recycling.

More and more are societies taking our environment and people’s health in account for any  waste disposal solution.
Two extreme solutions are (non-engineered) landfills and incineration. Both have pros and cons, especially if it comes to the cost, soil-grounwater contamination and health related issues.

While many corporations handle recycling solutions, the major problem lies in the organic fraction of the (mixed) solid waste. Without handling this part of the solid waste, any solution will not be helping the country or society.
This brought Crudesco to engineer a proven solution that does not effect nature while turning the organic fraction into compost. Recyclables are separated afterwards. At the same time the cost of implementation is relatively low: similar to engineered landfills and on average 400% cheaper than modern incineration! As many countries have a low budget for waste disposal, this low cost advantage may be very important to seriously tackle the issues of solid waste.

From proven European composting and recycling technologies, we are now able to offer a working alternative for landfills and incineration.



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